Our Story

We are Jess and Jess, the creators of Tinker Box. We are mothers from Perth with 2 little tinkers each. We met at our local Mother's Group nearly 3 years ago, and have been firm friends ever since. Jess W is an Early Childhood Teacher and is currently on maternity leave, and Jess L is a Meteorologist, though she did study and work as an Early Childhood Teacher first.

We came up with the idea of Tinker Box after both expressing a desire to start our own business, but weren't sure where to start. We brainstormed a few different directions, but decided something educational definitely made the most sense, considering our backgrounds and passion for making learning fun!

Our sensory boxes are not only heaps of fun, jam packed with things to tinker and play with, but also educationally beneficial! We include activity cards in each box to give you, as the parent or care giver, ideas on how to set up the boxes, but also to highlight how these activities are benefiting your child according to the Early Years Learning Framework.